Z is for Moose- Class Big Book

Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham and Paul O. Zelinsky, is a hilarious and entertaining picture book that was recommended to me by my department head. It’s appropriate for K and Grade 1 as it reviews alphabet letters, beginning sounds and has an interesting social-emotional aspect.


It starts off as a typical alphabet book- “A is for apple, B is for ball”, etc. but when the reader reaches the letter “D”, the moose barges onto the page wondering of it’s his turn as the text reads “D is for moose”. The “director” of the alphabet book, Zebra, orders moose off the page; however he continues in this manner, impatiently making his entrance on the wrong letters each time. Finally, upon reaching the letter “M”,  the moose ends up being replaced by “Mouse” as decided by Zebra. Chaos ensues, the moose looses it and the rest of the alphabet becomes a heaping mess! Eventually moose gets his turn with a surprise ending that will get your students creatively thinking and predicting how exactly he will fit into the alphabet line up.

As an extension to the book, I used a pocket chart with alphabet letters and the children’s names to review beginning letters/sounds for my K’s and sight words for my Grade 1’s:

A is for Adam

D is for Devik

After reviewing all the names, the children completed a page for a class big book, filling in the sentence frame “____ is for _______” using their own names. I then used brown paint to make handprints on the page for moose antlers. Once dried, the children cut and glued their photos onto their page. They loved seeing themselves as moose and it taught the children some new vocabulary (moose NOT reindeer, antlers) as well as capital letters for the beginning of their name. The children can read it again and again and at the same time learn each other’s names.

Class big book
Class big book

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